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Luna the chihuahua may be small but delivers big in smiles and love!

Luna the chihuahua may be small but delivers big in smiles and love!

Meet Luna the chihuahua, loved dog to parents June and Malcolm Mugford, residents of Empire Crossing Retirement Community in Port Hope! Luna is well-known around the community for her top-notch fashion attire as she is always dressed in her finest with a cozy fleece zip up or her party attire of traditional Mexican sombrero and poncho.  
Luna makes a mad dash pulling her parents practically off their feet exiting the elevators numerous times a day. First, to be spoiled by the concierge with a few doggy snacks and second to then escape into the great outdoors for her ritual walk, with a thought of trying for another snack once back inside the community.

Luna was adopted by June and Malcolm two years ago, a welcome addition to this couple. Luna is now nine years old, but still has the zest of a puppy.  She is very trainable as Malcolm explains, however, she does have a fetish for sneaking Kleenex and shredding it into a mess. Luna also seems to have a fear of heights as she REFUSES to set a paw onto the couple‚Äôs balcony. Luna would much rather be snuggled up against June or tucked into her cozy dog bed.

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